Tatehana in Hachinohe Sunday Market
Date: March 17th through the middle of December
Time: Sunrise - 9:00
Place: 10 minutes from Mutsuminato Station in Hachinohe
A lot of fresh seafood and local food vendors are available.
Hirosaki Castle electrical Fantasy
Date: December 1st - February 28th
Time: From sunset to midnight
Place: Hirosaki Castle
Hirosaki castle is illuminated during this period by many outdoor lights in a magnificently beautiful display. Take the drive and see the beautiful colors of the Hirosaki castle and see the magic that can be found in the starlight.
Hachinohe Nagane Skating Rink Date: Beginning of December through late term of February
Time: 10:00 - 18:00
Place: Next to Nagane playing field and Nagane baseball field.
Fee: Adult 460 yen/ High school students 280 yen/ Junior high school students 170 yen/ Younger elementary school students 110 yen. Rental skate shoes 300 yen.
Munakata Shiko Winter Segment Exhibition Date: December 10th - March 16th
Place: Munakata Shiko Memorial Museum of Art
Fee: Adult/ 500 yen, College student/ 300 yen, High school student/ 200 yen, Junior high school student and Elementary school student are free. See more information: http://munakatashiko-museum.jp/schedule_e.html
Ice festival in Misawa Ice Arena Date: March 1st
Place: Misawa Ice Arena
Fee: Free
a Time for sign up at 8:30
Things to bring: gloves, winter boots (no spike), warm clothes, some yen for vending machine (if you need)
Warm-up Exercise, Bowling on the Ice, Dribble & Shot, Relay Race on the Sled, Tug of War
(Adult participation highly encouraged)
It's a fantastic way for you and your children to experience Japanese culture. Sign-up is not required prior to the day's festivities.
Towadako ski, snowboard & spa resort Open!
Date: December 20th - March 23rd
Time: 9:00 - 22:00
One day lift pass: Adult 2,600 yen, Child 2,100 yen
Nigter pass: Adult: 1,500 yen, Child: 800 yen
Morning Fresh Market
Date: First Sunday of the Month
Time: 5 a.m. thru. 7 a.m.
Phone: 0178-33-1492(Japanese)
Place: Sannohe City Apple Dome parking area
Nine Market -- KuNoIchi Market
Date: 9th,19th,29th of each month
Place: Miss Veedol Plaza, Misawa
Time: 9a.m. thru. 5p.m.
Note: The detailed information regarding this event will be posted on The Insider No.155
Hasshoku Center Flea Market
Date: Every Sunday
Venue: Hasshoku center south parking
Fee: 1500yen
Reservation required.
Contact:090-3123-8655 (9:00 until noon)
Strawberry Picking
Venue: Oirase Town “Aguri No Sato” market
Date: Dec. 1, 2010 thru. Aug.
Time: 9a.m.- 5:00p.m.
URL: http://agrinosato.jp/ichigo.html
Fees: Adult 1,500 yen. Elementary school age: 1,000 yen. 3 years & older: 500 yen.
Reservation required.
Strawberry Picking
Venue: Berry's Tsukasa Field
Time: 10a.m. thru. 5p.m.
Date: Jan. thru Dec.
Fees: Adult 1,500yen. Elementary school children: 1,000yen. 3years & older: 500 yen.
Place: Nagawa Cherry Park, Nagawa Town. 30min drive from JR Hachinohe station.
Point of Contact: 0178-76-3020/ English OK.
Strawberry Picking
Venue: Salad Farm “Ichigo No Mori”
Time: 10a.m. thru. 3p.m.
Adult (15 years & older): 1,500 yen. Elementary school children: 1,300 yen. Senior (65 years & older):1,000 yen
Direction: 5 min from Tohoku Express Way, Nishine IC.
URL: http://www.egg-delica.com/.
Phone: 0195-75-2500
Reservation Required.
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