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Articles on The Insider No.262 (dated 7/11/14) are now available online.

More articles will be updated soon.  Sorry that we are under construction!



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The Insider Articles

No. 262 (Dated 7/11/14) Contents

★Top Page Article★

The 25th Anniversary Nango Summer Jazz Festival 2014, 7.26.

★Check It Out★

Tsugaru Kites

★Insider's Kitchen★

Making Sushi at Home

★Movie Lineup★

・Toho Cinemas
・Hachinohe Forum


Strawberry picking in Nanbu town has started!

★Japanese Phrase Picks★

Let's Learn Kanji! # 7

★Free Classified★

PCSing soon? Post your classified ad

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Locate stores and services

Event Schedule

No. 254 (dated 2/28/14) Contents



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